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We are your seaside haven of quiet and comfort.

Where the waters of Praia do Patacho and the swaying coconut groves sound like an invitation to reconnect with the inner calm; 

Let nature be your guide. 

Discover Zai.



With references to elements of nature, the rustic architecture of the rooms combines comfort with the inn's intimate proposal.  



A menu signed by one of the biggest names in national cuisine, Wanderson Medeiros, Zai brings the identity of regional food to its gastronomy, in dishes that mix refined techniques with the unique flavor of local coastal elements. 


We are located at Praia do Patacho, belonging to the municipality of Porto de Pedras and the route of Milagres, on the north coast of Alagoas. 

A105 km from Maceió via AL-101It is 154 km from Recife by PE-60

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